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Kitchen Drawer Organization

The Space Restored Origin Story

Space Restored was founded in 2020 by Renee' Wright. After serving her community for many years in the hospitality industry and working domestic jobs on the side such as housekeeping, nannying and personal cheffing, Renee' saw a need for individuals, families and small business owners alike to have someone establish long-lasting organizational systems so that they may focus more on their passions and personal lives.


Her passion for helping others and love for organization helped to create a method to curate systems specific to each individuals needs. Additionally, Renee' takes pride in always striving to find the most sustainable and eco-friendly means of creating organizational systems through repurposing items for sorting and organizing as well as donating no longer wanted items to establishments that serve our underprivileged communities. 

Kitchen Pantry Organization
Shoe Organization

“Renee was extremely patient with me while sorting through my closet. I never felt pressured to get rid of things, but she was very encouraging by having me think about what articles of clothing I wanted to keep and what I could part with. My favorite part was that after sorting and organizing, she took all of my unwanted items and donated them to shelters. It was a great experience and I love how my closet turned out.”

— Rachael W.
Closet Organization

“Renee has tons of creative organizing solutions, and is very detail oriented. She is also particularly good at gently helping people part with things which are no longer needed. I'm really happy with the closet reorganization job she did for me.”

— Tanya C.
More Testimonials:

"Renee organized three of my home's most challenging spaces several months ago and my family is still able to effectively use her system. Renee's approach is respectful and gets deep to the root of the problem to create solutions that work for your individual house hold. She is efficient with her time and materials. I also appreciate her sustainable approach of using what you already have to greatest extent possible and her knowledge of the best place to give your stuff that needs to go a new life."

Kathryn W.
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